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Good quality High Rate Discharge Battery for sales
Good quality High Rate Discharge Battery for sales
The excellent starting capability and multiple performance, the strong resuming ability after discharging. A very good experience!

—— Aleksandra Nowak

Economical and environmental protection. Simple to operate, easy to maintain, and much better than the batteries we’ve used before!

—— Marek Dulowski

We cooperate with CGB for over 18 years, the stable quality and excellent service bring us more confidence to go future in our market!

—— Benyamin Farahani

CGB is our wonderful qualified battery supplier, the capacity, the lead time, the service, the delivery,...everything is the best!

—— Krisztian Czipo

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  • Production Line

    We invested more than 20 million RMB for new facilities, such as Lead Powder Machine, Pasting Machine, Drying room and EP equipments in the year of 2016.


    Our production equipments include:

    Molten lead parts purification system

    Stainless steel submersible pump

    FRP acid mist purification tower

    Evaporative cooling air units

    Workbench dedusting system

    B line station blowdown

    The gaps jet pulsed bag filter

    Pure device

    Welding B line dedusting system

    Reverse osmosis water making device

    Ventilation dust removal piping systems,

    Reuse water system 

    Manufacturing wastewater treatment system

    Sulfuric acid solution conveying system

    Welding workbench dedusting system

    The diaphragm quantitative pump,Lead dust filter 

    With acid system cooling device

    Axial flow fan 

    Circulating dryer 

    Oblique flow fan


    CGB marketing mode is diversity which include OEM, Customization, Distribution and Manufacturing supplies.


    We establish a tight cooperation relationship with the three biggest domestic operators, be approved by military as a qualified supplier, to be the strategy alliance with the top internatioal batteries' company.


    Our main customers :


    APC, CSB, Chloride, LG, Powrsonic, Remco, Riellos, SK, Tysonic, Tyco(DSC, bentel), Utstarcom, Honeywell(Novar), Google, Huawei, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Metro, China Military Group.




  • R&D

    R&D outlay: 160 million RMB/year.

    R&D direction: Advanced VRLA battery, Tube plate VRLA battery, 2V series VRLA battery.


    Achievements in Scientific Research:

    R&D department has published 15 research thesis;

    The research of GEL battery owns governemnt grants;

    Parts of the battery design have applied for a patent;

    Get a patent for military battery.


    R&D Partners: Wuhan University, Narada



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